Kinu Technologies was launched in 2012 to develop advanced online marketing tools and IT solutions for small and medium businesses.

Our products and services are completely tailored to our clients. You will only pay for you what you need. We work hard to give our clients the most effective tools to improve their business operations, save money or improve their marketing.
  • Custom Development and Solutions
  • SEO Audit
  • Search Engine Optimisation & Search Engine Marketing
  • IT Security & Cloud Backup solutions


On March 26th Kinu Technologies and Ideva Technologies joined forces.  The two teams have been working together for almost 10 years, the time had come to reach an agreement.

Since 2006, Ideva is a web design agency from Quebec. With more than 250 projects to its credit, in the industrial, technological, corporate and or online store fields, we have always worked in confidence with our clients. We have a real expertise in analyzing your needs, and work with the best. With our “senior” expertise, Kinu Technologies and Ideva join forces to offer the best customer support.