An easy to use e-commerce framework which allows to quickly sell your products online. Features inlcude:

Advanced Catalog and Product Management

KTShop system has been in development since 2005 and has been used in high traffic websites. It has been developed based on the feedback needs of real clients.

User Friendly Category and Product Management

  • A few easy fields to fill out
  • Default settings for most common uses

Customizable Shipping Methods and Shipping Rules

  • Can be customized per product
  • Free shipping
  • Fixed shipping
  • Shipping by weight
  • Shipping per state, province or country

Powerful Categories

Products can be added to multiple categories so you can organize them by type or manufacturer.

You can also have multiple levels of categories.

Content Management System

The KT Shop CMS allows to create, maintain and update the content on your site that allows you to better reach and serve your customers. Features include:

  • Multilingual support English, French, Spanish or other languages as required
  • WYSIWIG (what you see if what you get) editor for content pages such as Contact page, Shipping, Warranty, etc…
  • Customizable form options
  • Customizable error messages
  • Optional additional content blocks or pages can be created

Automatic Auction Listings

  • Out of the box, Ebay listing generator per product
  • Customize Warranty Terms, Shipping or Payment information
  • Edit and refine the Ebay listing before posting to Ebay
  • You can customize your eBay template directly using your favorite HTML editor

Payment Gateway

Paypal Web Payment standards is standard out of the box, but additional payment gateways can be easily integrated.


  • Customize the address of the admin backend to prevent automated attack
  • Application-level firewall to detect unauthorized access and data tampering
  • Can be restricted to specific IP addresses for administraiton
  • Multiple level of user access control to prevent unauthorized access

Search Engine Optimization

KT Shop includes several SEO features which will allow your site to be more easily found be potential customers using search engines. These features include:

  • Automatic Breadcrumb generation
  • Automatic micro-data
  • Meta keywords, and description for each product
  • Autogenerated sitemap
  • SEO-friendly URL rewriting
  • Analytics Integration

Gallery and Album Management

You can upload pictures to be shared via social media (forums, facebook, twitter) or you can create a custom gallery/slider for your site using our intuitive gallery and album management tools.

Social Media Tools

KT Shop includes tools that allow you to promote your company and products on social media.